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RB Sigma is an Organizational Training, Engineering, and End To End Supply Chain Management company. Utilizing Process Improvement methodologies with a focus on quality systems, our objective is to provide Maximum ROI for Manufacturers, Service Companies, and Secondary Education Organizations.

Medical Supply Shop

We are supplying PPE Medical Supplies during these difficult times. We have Masks, Hand Sanitizer, and Gloves all ready for purchase.

Organizational Training

We teach Lean Basics, Lean Belts, Project Management, IAFTA, ISO, and more. Click to read more about all our classes.

Secondary Education

We created a lean course for High School teachers and students. After being trained, teachers can train their future students in the aspects of lean.


We teach a variety of Lean Belt courses online. We also talk with you to answer any questions and coach you on your projects.

Corporate Consulting

Our staff is well informed and can help your business excel in Organizational Training, Engineering, and End-to-End Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management

End-to-End Supply Chain Management begins with Value Stream Mapping the number of steps your product or service needs to go through before being used by the end user. 

Who We Work With

Secondary Education
Oil and Gas
Heallthcare and Denistry
Retail Services
Financial Companies
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