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Project Management
Our Strategy

Our approach to Project Management is centered around building a team, empowering those on it to work more for the person next to them than be driven by the metrics. While important we believe that successful project metrics are achieved by a motivated and passionate team, who utilize standard Project Management tools powered by the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

How We Excel Your Business

If you do not know the project that needs to be run, we have a process that will not only identify project opportunities but help to prioritize those opportunities as well.  To determine projects that should be run based on impact to the organization, scope, technical challenges, and ROI.

Consumer Product Launch Case Study:
ComfortAdjust Pillow™
Domestic Supply Chain Creation: Consumer Product Launch

A customer had a product Launch debut with QVC in the Summer of 2017 for a Therapeutic Pillow.  Their previously vetted Chinese Supply Chain was unable to fulfill the manufacturing of the product within the previously quoted time frame.

We Created an End-to-End Vendor Managed Supply Chain

Our team of Lean Six Sigma practitioners setup factory focused assembly cells at vendors across the United States. Enabling the product to be launched, produced, and shipped in 6 weeks. While passing 3rd Party Testing, Qualifying injection molding tools, and conforming to Government Regulatory requirements.

What They Said

“When our Chinese supply chain failed, we thought our product launch in front of a nationwide audience was in jeopardy of failing. Your team not only designed, engineered, passed 3rd party testing, and manufactured the product in a record breaking 6 weeks, but you did so using a supply chain solely based in the United States. We could not have had a successful Nationwide product debut on QVC if it were not for your team.”

– CEO, Consumer Product Company

Supply Chain Management
Our Strategy

Our team of Lean Six Sigma subject matter experts, Supply Chain Analysts, Engineers, and Quality Management auditors work with your team to determine Supply Chain projects that can have the most impact to your organization; from the standpoint of ROI and Value Stream Management. We can help your engineers accelerate product development for speed to market goals; engineer returnable packaging solutions, and work with non-conforming suppliers who need to be divested.

Risk Management

Performing ‘Risk Management’ analysis on your companies supply chain will identify areas of non-conformity that should be mitigated.  This could mean divesting suppliers that do not meet current Quality or Continuous Improvement standards, or assisting mission critical suppliers through Continuous Improvement Coaching and Training.

Client Stories
Their Challenge

An Aerospace company needed to come up with a way to maximize usable storage space in a frozen environment during material handling for their product; on-site storage, and inter-modal.  Additionally, they wanted a returnable packaging solution that would replace downage and be more ergonomic to their employees to handle.

How We Helped

We evaluated the Value Stream of the product from the machine it was made on to the point at which it was applied to the aircraft.  Removing more than 5,000 hours of labor from the process and creating a returnable packing solution that consolidated 3, 53′ semi-trailer loads into 1.

What They Said

“We couldn’t be happier with your teams approach to our returnable packaging project. Your utilization of the lean six sigma methodology not only showed us where we could gain efficiencies, but we will be able to implement a Kaizen with our customer so they may recognize cost saving and ergonomical improvements as well.”