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Allow us to collaborate with your team in identifying areas for enhancing your operations, manufacturing, and customer service. With a track record of proven success, we have consistently saved our customers money while upholding exceptional quality standards. Our approach is tailored to your industry, focusing specifically on the goals and objectives of your organization. We specialize in employing industry-recognized LEAN Continuous Improvement tools, engaging all team members within your value stream.

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Our Approach
Continuous Improvement is for All Industries

Continuous Improvement tools are not limited to the manufacturing sector; they also offer significant benefits in the service industry. Whether you’re engaged in product manufacturing, education, or software development, the ultimate objective is to streamline tasks and minimize unnecessary steps. In many cases, businesses assume that work instructions and procedures are being followed diligently, but a closer examination often reveals that employees are improvising to simplify their tasks, unbeknownst to management. Our approach involves collaborating with all stakeholders throughout the value stream to identify and eliminate waste (muda) within processes. We achieve this through swift and targeted improvement events known as Kaizens.

Our Approach

The implementation of LEAN principles follows a comprehensive approach that involves both top-down and bottom-up strategies. By partnering with senior leadership, we collaborate to identify the goals, objectives, and pain points within your organization’s processes. In a dedicated 1-2 day event, we engage with department leaders and their teams, often conducting separate discussions to gain an accurate understanding of the organization’s operations. Through the effective utilization of the ‘5 Why’ strategy, we delve deep into the root causes of bottlenecks in the processes.

Throughout these two days, we encourage input from your teams to identify projects based on their potential for reducing time, cost, and overall impact on the organization. At the conclusion of the event, we bring all team members together and visually chart the identified projects. In certain cases, we take on a leadership role in facilitating the change project, while in other instances, we provide support and LEAN training to the team members responsible for implementing the proposed changes.

Case Study
Vaccine Management for Herd Immunity

During the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the major challenges faced by Health Departments in Ohio was the efficient distribution of vaccines. The process involved keeping track of which vaccine was administered to individuals, the specific injection site, and scheduling their subsequent doses. Quality management principles highlight that approximately 20% of human data entry is prone to errors. Moreover, the sheer number of people requiring vaccinations posed a daunting task that would consume significant resources and time, with a high risk of errors.

In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Health, we conducted a thorough assessment of the existing vaccine administration process and devised an optimal future state. By streamlining the process and reducing labor-intensive steps, we were able to decrease the time required to vaccinate an individual from 55 minutes to just 15 minutes. Working closely with Health Department leaders, we developed a software application called ArmorVax.

Project Prioritization
Project Opportunities

Through our collaborative 1-2 day event with your team, we collectively identify numerous project opportunities that hold significant potential for your organization. These opportunities are evaluated and ranked based on three categories: “Just Do Its” for immediate implementation, Kaizen events for rapid improvement, and longer-term Six Sigma-focused projects. The team, with our guidance and input, conducts a thorough ranking process, resulting in the selection of several projects to initiate and pursue.

Value Stream Mapping, RB Sigma, Continuous Improvement
Working Together

Continuous Improvement can only be achieved through the collective efforts of a dedicated team. While change may be difficult, sustaining that change poses an even greater challenge. Ultimately, success hinges on the power of teamwork. Our motto, “One Team, One Path, Everyone Working Together To Make It Happen,” encapsulates our belief in the indispensable role of teamwork. It requires the commitment and participation of every individual within the value stream to believe in the change and actively implement it. This collaborative effort ensures the success of the change initiative and its long-lasting impact.

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