About The Course

Project Management Leadership Essentials is a training designed to give the most powerful analytical tools to manage and lead a project of any size to successful completion.  This 1-Day training is a workshop setting, where you will learn and apply the tools and methods in an engaging way.  The PowerPoint slides, Participant Guidebook, and Simulation are all part of a learning process designed to ensure the greatest retention of information and practical application of the tools.  Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped to drive projects to their completion while managing a team of vendors, customers, and stakeholders.

Course Location
RB Sigma Training Center
Course Dates
No courses currently scheduled
Email: info@rbsigma.com
Phone: 440-290-0577
Training Content
Course Curriculum:
  • Project Organization & Risk Analysis
  • Facilitation Skills & Timeline Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Leadership & Relationship Building
  • Project Completion & Closure
Course Objectives:
  • Understand principles, concepts & tools of Project Management & Leadership Essentials
  • Learn risk analysis tools and how to apply them to a project, but most importantly know how to teach the tools to the project team
  • Recognize the importance of Vendor & Supplier relations and how to manage project stakeholders
  • Develop and manage a timeline
  • Have the confidence to lead project teams
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